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Stocking Your Kitchen – Vegan Curious Event January 26, 2019

Stocking Your Kitchen – Vegan Curious Event January 26, 2019

We are having another Vegan Curious Event – all about stocking your kitchen for success! 


Well, the new year has started and have you set a plan in place to start eating differently or think about going vegan/plant-based?  I find most people are not sure where to begin or what they need to have on hand to make quick and easy meals.  There is sometimes that feeling of being overwhelmed and thinking it is expensive to eat healthy and especially vegan or plant-based.  At this event, we will ease your mind and help relieve some of that stress.  

One of the first steps is to make the decision to change and the second step is to have a plan and figure out what items you need in your kitchen cabinets to be successful at making lasting changes and reaching your goal.  Now that the holidays are over and all the fun eating has come to a pause come out and join me for a couple of hours of inspiration while answering some the most commonly asked questions about how to stock your kitchen: 

  • What foods should I buy to make easy meals?
  • Is it expensive to eat plant-based vegan, and how much can I expect to spend weekly?
  • What spices and other staples should I always have on hand to make something quick?
  • Do I need to know how to cook really well?
  • How can I plan for the week?
  • Meal planning ideas
  • Testimonials and more…


I want you to leave feeling inspired and encouraged knowing that eating vegan or plant-based is easy, fun, and enjoyable.

It is your journey, so make it your best you!

Cost $20 plus administrative fees – includes 7 -day meal plan, beverages, and tasty bites.

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