A real & relatable plant-based vegan journey


Tamiko Plant Based Vegan Sistah

Welcome to Plant Based Vegan Sistah, where I keep it real and relatable inspiring you to adopt a plant-based vegan way of eating just one little ole plate at a time. 

The first step toward unlimited discovery is curiosity. Congratulations on taking that first step towards discovering satisfying plant-based foods where we combine seasonings, herbs, textures, and aromas that are gratifying, nourishing, and enjoyable to any die-hard carnivore.  
In the services offered, I share recipes, tips, and tricks to help you discover that plant-based vegan eating is simple, tasty, fun, and manageable.  A plant-based menu can contribute to and provide positive health, mental, and physical benefits.

Come along with me on the journey to discover how much fun a sprinkle of seasoning, a dash of spice, a new ingredient, or texture and taste will satisfy not only your taste buds but your soul.


Vegan Curious Transition programs:  Transition programs range from a Vegan for the Weekend, a Vegan Curious Quickstart, a self-paced program to Group and one-on-one 90-day programs(limited per quarter).  These programs are designed to first meet you where are to help you transition from reducing the consumption of animal products to eating fully wholesome plant-based vegan.  You will learn how to veganize some of your favorite dishes along with tips for meal prep and planning, eating out, and more.  You will walk away with the tools to help make your journey enjoyable, fun, and tasty while at the same time making an impact on your health.   

Plant Based Vegan Sistah Cooks

Meal Planning and Virtual and In-person Cooking Sessions: I offer meal planning and cooking sessions to help take the mystery out of what can you cook because sometimes it is a mystery of what to do with veggies to make them taste as good as some of the meat dishes you are used to eating.  You will select from menus based on your likes and dislikes and then I show you how to prepare simple and easy meals in the comfort of your home or virtually.   Let’s work together and put together tasty meals that are beneficial for your overall health, vibrancy, and energy. 

Vegan Curious Events:  Are a series of Vegan Curious events hosted throughout the year as follows:

Plant Based Vegan Sistah Vegan Curious Tasting Events

Vegan Curious Tasting Events – you have the opportunity to taste familiar favorites that have been veganized, along with tips, a cooking demonstration, vendors and more.  Can you tell which dish is vegan and not vegan? Come through and find out.

Vegan Curious Food Tours – guests sample foods from local vegan restaurants as well as vegan options at non-vegan restaurants.

Vegan Curious Events Vegan Food and Wine Experience

Vegan Curious Food & Wine Experience – an annual event held in an intimate setting where you get to experience guest chefs who have prepared delicious vegan dishes paired with wine to enhance the flavor of the dish all while dining family-style with other guests.  You never know, there may be a special guest sitting at the table with you:).  Walk away making new connections and discovering how a new way of looking at plant-based vegan food. 

Vegan Curious Cook, Wine, and Chat Party – Are you and some of your friends a little curious about vegan eats? Why not host a private in-home experience where you learn how to cook a few vegan dishes with your friends while sipping wine, champs, or whatever is your favorite beverage of choice? At the end of the cooking session, you all sit down and enjoy the meal you cooked together.

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So, are you ready to take the next step in your journey? If yes, let’s set up a 15 minutes session to determine the best route for you on your new journey. Click this link to schedule a phone appointment.

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