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Vegan Curious Event: Food & Wine Experience June 15, 2019

Vegan Curious Event: Food & Wine Experience June 15, 2019

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This event came about after my own wine tasting experience that was not completely vegan-friendly. I did appreciate the winery making accommodations so that I could enjoy the experience with those in my party that was not vegan. So, I watched as they enjoyed cheese and crackers, the bacon, and other treats. Meanwhile, I had a couple of the crackers which were good by the way as well as the jelly, oh and that walnut-simply delish!! I have to say thank goodness for the great company I was in that made the experience wonderful.

After coming home, it hit me why not create an event that offers plant-based vegan options paired with wine and create a setting that is a bit upscale. So, I came up with Vegan Curious Food & Wine Experience and here we are getting ready to bring my vision to life – wow!! In doing my research for the event, I have discovered there a lot of plant-based vegan options to pair with wine and as well there are some vegan wines out there(to find out what makes a wine vegan catch my Facebook Live). So, if you are vegan curious and love wine, come be a part of my vision.

As Tabitha Brown would say, ‘Honey, come on in the room and join us’ That’s right the special guest for the afternoon is Tabitha Brown, actress, and vegan food influencer, as you enjoy a luxurious experience of scrumptious vegan food paired with fabulous wine.

Relax and enjoy a sit-down four to five-course pairing of food and wine with pairing explanations by certified wine sommelier April Richmond of Sip & Swirl Events. She will also share a few tricks of the trade helping us to understand the characteristics of wine and how they bring out the different flavors in the food.

Guest chefs Stephanie Perry of Perry’s Catering, Elizabeth of MyStickel Meals, and Blissfully Vegan will prepare delicious dishes to go with the wine. Will you be able to tell how the wine impacts the flavor of the food?

REGISTER TODAY! Purchased your tickets TODAY !

**VIP ticket purchasers receive the following**
*Spend an exclusive hour with Tabitha prior to doors opening
*Receive a special luxury gift bag
*Exclusive special wine tasting

**General Admission receives a special treat in addition to their wine and food tasting.

Come out and let us inspire you on a plant based vegan journey by taking it one plate at a time and before you know it all of your plates will be vibrant, tasty, and most of all good for you.

It is your journey, so make it your best you and live your BEST life!

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