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Vegan Curious Event: Summer Eats, Fit & Fun May 4, 2019

Vegan Curious Event: Summer Eats, Fit & Fun May 4, 2019


The March canceled Vegan Curious is now rescheduled for May 4, 2019, 12:30pm-3:00pm! Did I mention that my birthday is the day before this event so I am going to celebrate with everyone who comes out by having some cake and maybe a toast afterward.

Because summer is coming right around the corner, I’m sure there will be questions about how to survive BBQ’s, summer parties, and traveling while eating vegan, plant based. There will be some summer treats to see if you can figure out which is vegan or not. We will talk about how to survive the summer and a few hacks on traveling.

Secondly, we will touch on fitness since exercise does aide in releasing weight and gaining a little muscle helps boost that metabolism which slows down as we age. As we mature in life, it is important to incorporate physical movement that helps with bones, heart, and metabolism. Come out and hear what our panel of experts have to say about fitness and how to make sure you see fitness as a lifestyle journey while reaping all the benefits and keeping your sexy! Get your fine on:)!!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Food tasting – vegan and non-vegan summer foods
  • Fitness Presentation by Mario Catley of Cat Fitness and Devona McClinton aka ‘Coach D’ of The Experience
  • Live Cooking Demonstration by Plant Based Vegan Sistah
  • Vendor Showcase
  • Summer recipes
  • Testimonials and more…


Come out and let us inspire you on a plant based vegan journey by taking it one plate at a time and before you know it all of your plates will be vibrant, tasty, and most of all good for you.

It is your journey, so make it your best you and live your BEST life!

Cost $25 plus administrative fees – includes taste test and beverages.

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